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Thursday, February 21, 2013

16 - Amazing self healing method from Hongchi Xiao

Many of you must have seen this video, but I imagine few of you ever tried his method and even less of you more then a few times.

This guy invented a simple method that takes you only about 10 minutes a day in which you bring your body in harmony with nature. This is how the body is supposed to be.

It is supposed to heal the body from lots of diseases and makes the body feel healthy and very vital.

Hongchi Xiao shows a way of slapping yourself on several pressure points on your body. It hurts a little, but it gives very powerful results. 

I've done it mostly on my left inside of the arm (this is for the heart and lungs mostly), because my heart has been closed for many many years. 
I was very afraid of the world and the people in it. I was afraid of life and to act in it.

Over time, my heart closed up more and more.

So I tried this method one time, on the left inside of the arm for ten minutes. You are supposed to do this only the first time, to open everything up. All the days after that it only requires 1 minute per pressure point.

That first day I didn't notice any particular thing. The next day however I was in the garden and suddenly I begin to feel very good, especially around the heart area.

I felt confident and strong in the heart, almost as after a few drinks of alcohol would do, but more pure, more soft. I felt love for everything, but not in a extacy way, just, I don't know. I also felt warmth in the chest area like there was a cup of warm water poured out there.

So I thought to myself: "Wait a minute, what is happening here." And then I remembered the slapping and thought: "well maybe there is a connection"
2 weeks later I did it again and the same thing happened all over. That time too I was connecting it to the slapping after I felt the opening of the heart. "reversed proof"

Even then I was lazy and it wasn't for about a week later that I did it again and the very same thing happened.
So the last 2 weeks I started doing it on a regular bases, almost daily and now I feel that the effects are coming almost instantaneous. I slap myself and 30 seconds after, I start feeling my heart opening up. 
I extended the slapping to my right arm also (no idea what organs those are connected with) and when I do that my feet and hands get warm real easy when I do something physically. 
Overall, after doing this for 2 weeks now, I start feeling like a different person. it's hart to describe how exactly, but it feels very good.

I haven't been able to find something else about this guy in English. Maybe there is a Chinese person who can get more information about this method, because in China this is a big hit. You can see films on youtube, were people slap each other till it almost bleeds. The Chinese are a bit fanatic in this way 

I can sincerely recommend this to everyone. 
It's a bit weird to slap yourself in order to get healthy and fit, but it works. It works like a charm.

The explanation of what to do begins after about 19 minutes 

here 3 more films, but in Chinese

How To Heal Yourself @ no cost ... It works folks..! Hongchi Xiao is promoting it becoz, he says: 1. Great effect 2. Simple to learn in a min 3. Safe - no side effects 4. Heals hundreds and thousands of diseases i.e. Good for high blood, constipation, tension, waking up in the middle of night to urine, prostrate problems, back pain, menses pain, joint pain, stroke etc Basically, it helps your blood to flow, flow, flow well so that it detoxes your body by clearing toxins from your cells and also bring nutrients to your cells... NOTHING to lose.... pass it on... Try this ... Its Free! This is Part 3, which gives demonstration of the some of techniques mentioned. Parts 1 and 2 are merely introduction. This is incredible. I tried and it does work. Go ahead - it's free & try it now yourself.